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The CSR Summit is the largest and oldest event on corporate​ responsibility in Slovakia. For almost 20 years, we have been opening discussions on the latest topics and trends in the field of sustainability. It is important to us that the conference offers quality content and space for sharing experiences every year.

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9:00 – 9:05

• Michal Kišša, executive director of the Pontis foundation
• Ivana Vagaská, executive director of the Business Leaders Forum

9:05 – 9:15
CEO Talk

Hosted by Lukáš Bakoš, Maxman Consultants

What is the role of business leaders in situations when society is under pressure? Can they help each other get through the hard times? Is responsibility the way to greater resilience?

• Nima Motazed, Swiss Re

9:15 – 10:15
Discussion: Slovakia 2022: crisis as an opportunity?

Hosted by Veronika Cifrová Ostrihoňová

After two years of the pandemic came the war in Ukraine, which affects Slovakia too, and not only in terms of the effects of the biggest refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War. What does it mean in relation to other challenges we face (not only) in Slovakia? How to fight climate change, reduce inequalities and fulfill Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? What can institutions, companies, and individuals do?

• Michaela Kršková, Chief Innovation Officer of Slovakia
• Peter Sutoris, interdisciplinary scientist, University of York (online)
• Michaela Lehotská, Tesco Stores SR
Michal Kišša, Pontis Foundation

10.15 – 10:30
SDGs Awards 2022

The Pontis Foundation will present the SDGs Awards to a person or an organisation that has made a significant contribution to the fulfillment of one or more Sustainable Development Goals in 2022.

10:30 – 11:00
11:00 – 11:30
Interview : Flexibility versus culture (EN)

Hosted by Lukáš Bakoš, Maxman Consultans

Is hybrid work the future? How to set the operating model so that remote work does not disrupt the functioning of teams? Is the world of work radically changing, or will everything return to the old ways over time?

Neil Usher, GoSpace (online)

11:30 – 12:00
BLF Talks

Three examples of inspiring responsible entrepreneurship solutions:

  • Long-term and sustainable expert volunteering
    How to set up volunteering in a company so that it is not limited to one day a year?
    Alena Kanabová, Accenture
  • Social innovation as s business opportunity
    How can an IT company contribute to innovative solutions to social problems?
    • Veronika Mesárošová, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia
  • CO2 footprint measurement in practise
    How to start from the very beginning and effectively set up data collection?
    • Lenka Surotchak, ESET
12:45 – 13:45
Lunch break
12:00 – 12:45
CSR Talks

Hosted by Veronika Cifrová Ostrihoňová

Three interviews on the topics (not only) of personal responsibility:

  • Trendsetting (EN)
    How does a trend arise, and how to make social responsibility mainstream?
    Derek Thompson, The Atlantic (online)
  • Hoax today, truth tomorrow?
    Why is prevention necessary in schools in the case of misinformation, just as it is in the case of bullying and drugs?
    Kristína Blažeková, Zvol si info (tr. Choose Your Info)
  • (In)visible fathers
    What are we missing when we provide advice on how to combine work and family only to mothers?
    David Škrobánek, Dobrý táta (tr. Good Dad)
13:45 – 14:30
Discussion: Sustainability/ESG reporting

Hosted by Ivana Vagaská, Business Leaders Forum

Most companies with more than 250 employees will soon be required to report selected ESG indicators. What does the European Commission expect from this change? What indicators will be mandatory in reporting? And how will the new legislation affect companies that have so far issued separate sustainability reports voluntarily?

Filip Gregor, Frank Bold
Dagmar Haklová, PwC
Martina Machanková, Kaufland Slovak Republic

14:30 – 15:30
Discussion tables (only for in-person participants)
  • Diversity and inclusion in practice – where to start and where not to end
    Who should be the „driving force“ of the D&I agenda in a company? How to determine the needs and expectations of diverse groups in the workplace, and how to translate them into reality? And what helps employee-parents specificially?
    Rado Remák, Henkel Slovakia
  • Stakeholder dialogue as preparation for ESG reporting
    The correct setting of the ESG/sustainability strategy and the related reporting are only possible when the opinions and expectations of the company’s key stakeholders have been determined. What should an effective stakeholder dialogue look like, and what are its necessary components? Should we collect quantitative and/or qualitative data? And what should be the final output?
    Lucia Blahová, Philip Morris Slovensko
    Roman Grametbauer, Philip Morris Česká republika
  • Beer and responsibility
    Alcohol does not belong in the hands of minors. What should its brewer ensure in this regard? Do awareness campaigns work among young people? And how to communicate the responsible use of „irresponsible“ products so that the public does not perceive it as part of marketing?
    Helena Windisch, Heineken Slovakia
    Róbert Slovák, advertising expert
  • Volunteering as a part of the company’s culture and strategy 
    Within the hybrid work model, the importance of „living“ the corporate culture is increasing. How can volunteering help to increase the commitment of employees? How can volunteering support strategic business topics and sustain the culture alive?
    Jana Riečanská, Swiss Re
    Zuzana Szalaiová, Swiss Re
  • The Enjoyable Company: How to attract and retain talent in a post-pandemic world
    The pandemic has significantly changed employees‘ expectations and brought many questions to companies. How to get people back to work? And how to attract and retain talent who can now work remotely for companies anywhere in the world? The authors of a new publication for manager say that the key to answering these questions is „deep enjoyment“, or the ability of companies to enable people to enjoy their work sincerely.
    Michal Matloň, theLivingCore
15:30 – 16:30
Networking & glass of wine

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